HP Wireless Printer Setup

HP Wireless Printer Setup

In this section, we will deliberating about wireless & wired printer setup of HP Printer. As most of the printers now do help both wireless printing & wired printing, it has become much significant to know about this setup. We will clarify in detail about how to set up your printer in wireless method, how to change your IP address & many more.

Steps to Setup HP Wireless Printer

If in case you request to connect your HP Printer wireless you can access through HP wireless direct & Wi-Fi Direct features. From these approaches you can connect Wi-Fi capable devices such as Smartphone, tablets, or PC to you printer to setup a wireless network connection without the assist of wireless router or access point.

Steps to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Direct permits you to print wirelessly through your PC, Smartphone, or tablet. For that, your device must transfer the recommended printer software from 123.HP.com/setup as specified earlier. To turn on Wi-Fi direct follow the steps given

  • Go to the printer control panel & click on the Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • In Wi-Fi direct option chose settings. There you can Turn on the Wi-Fi direct option.
  • You can connect up to 5 devices through the Wi-Fi direct method.

You can also access this technique even when your printer is linked via USB cable. Make sure that your computer has an active internet connection. If you have linked your printer to the computer with USB cable, follow the steps below for the Wi-Fi Direct connection

  1. Open the HP printer software in the system.
  2. Choose Tools> Device Setup & Software> Connect a new device.
  3. Under the joining tab you will get Wireless option.
  4. It will mechanically list the available printers there choose your HP printer from the list of detected printers.
  5. Follow the orders displayed on the screen to complete the setup.

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